New Dopethrone is coming for your soul

Fucking hell yeah! There’s finally a sample of Dopethrone III and boy am I pleased.

So, some background eh?

Dopethrone are a trio from Montreal who play sludge. Dirty, filthy, black as hell, coated in bong resin and smelling like week old beer sludge. Heavy fucking shit basically. I talked about their previous album, “Dark Foil”, here, describing it as ” filthy, grimy and about as elegant as a sledgehammer to the sternum”. The sledgehammer is still present on the 2:48 we get of a new song, entitled “Hooked”.

Opening with the traditional occult sample, Dopethrone waste no time in bringing back the crashing waves of distortion, smothering you in their wrath. Slow, heavy and destructive, annihilating everything in it’s wake. A small lull appears, only for a big ‘ole boss southern riff to come waltzing through and bring everything crashing down again.

I’m stoked for this album and this track gives me even more reason to be so. Get your bowls and beers ready when Dopethrone III drops this fall.

Dopethrone Facebook

Dopethrone Bandcamp


2 Responses to “New Dopethrone is coming for your soul”

  1. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Why am I only now listening to Dopethrone? So ill. I hurt my head when that riff came in near the 2-minute mark.

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