Awesomesauce Videos: Municipal Waste: You’re Cut Off

Municipal Waste are fucking awesome OK? Lets just get that right out of the way.

Funny? Check. Fast? Check. Riffariffic? Check.

Their video’s are also fucking awesome, as I can point to pretty much any of their previous videos and it still kicks ass.

So now we get a new video for “You’re Cut Off” from their newest album, “The Fatal Feast”. (Go buy it. Or zombies will eat your eyeballs and shit in the sockets.)

The main draw of their older videos was that everything is live action, so lots of campy gore abound. So one would think that by going to a fully animated video something would get lost in the translation no?


Produced by a Belgium animation team called IMOV studios, this video stands right up and smashes faces with the best of them. Following the general storyline of a sleepy bar getting turned into a giant bloodbath filled with zombies, riot police and street sharks?

This video is dripping with influence from Augenblick Studio’s show, Superjail. The seamless shifting violence, creative deaths and buckets of gore all hark right back to Superjail. It’s not a bad thing at all, but if you’ve seen the show you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyway, watch, headbang, drink some nuclear waste and eat your neighbors head. It’s all good.


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