Keeping the steamroller going with Satellite Beaver

As hard as it is to follow up yesterday’s post about the unstoppable Snail, I figured I’d stay in the vein of aural annihilation via distortion, fuzz and dirt nasty grooves. For our next step in this droned out debacle we venture across the pond to Warsaw, Poland. The home of a riff wielding trio of rockers by the name of Satellite Beaver.

Satellite Beaver seem to have been kicking around since 2008 and their newest 4 track demo, “The Last Bow” contains tracks recorded through 2010 and ’11, summing up the bands creative journey and giving you an inclanation of where they might be headed.

“Pershing” opens things up with a big, fuzzy boot through the door. Tones so thick you can chew them, distortion warping your speakers beyond recognition. Coming off yesterday’s Snail, the sound is much darker, dirtier and evil. Hints of sludge peak through the grungy fog, the tone is there but the speed comes from a more rock and roll background.

It’s a new combo for me at least. The sound is sludge and stoner but the vocals and song structures remind more of a hard rock vibe. At one point the vocals sound Manson~ish. Not a bad thing, just what it reminded me of.  “Way Before” stays pretty much entirely in the hard rock territory, I’m going to guess it’s the bands oldest track as you can hear little tastes of the distortion and fuzz in the other songs.

“Roadtrip” closes out the collection and is stated as being the closest style the band digs right now. The fuzz and distortion are at maximum levels, producing some truly earth shattering sounds, a eclectic hybrid of sludge, psychedelic and grunge. It hits hard, dripping with atmosphere, as otherworldly sounds clamber over the lumbering riffs. Horns up and heads down, just slowly.

“The Last Bow” is up for 3 Euro on Bandcamp and all your information lies over yonder.

Satellite Beaver Facebook

Satellite Beaver Bandcamp


2 Responses to “Keeping the steamroller going with Satellite Beaver”

  1. Can’t go wrong with a name like Satallite Beaver.

    Roadtrip is bomber, fer sur.


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