A Snails Pace

Frequently infrequent. That’s what I am in the summer when it comes to the internet. My laptop becomes a neglected black brick, buried under dirty laundry and paperwork. I still take the time to trawl bandcamp and find tasty new jams, I just never actually get around to writing about them.

Anyway, I’m here now on an extremely lazy Sunday evening after a crippling night of debauchery and booze. I needed something slow and monolithic, body numbing at a snails pace. Ironically, it would be this common name of molluscan class gastropoda (thanks wiki) that would lead me to an American band of the same name.

Snail are a 4 piece monolith of sound hailing from California. Having been formed in 1992, they seem to have flown under the radar throughout the release of several albums, a couple breakups and several lineup changes. But just as there slimy namesake would do, Snail kept crawling forwards, indescribably slowly but still moving forward, ever the same.

“Terminus” is the bands newest output since 2008’s, “Reign of Blood”. Having never heard any of their previous outputs, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I clicked play on the opener, “Recursion”. A monolithic monster of a riff, drenched in fuzz and riddled with distortion, stomps and tromps in between sections of psychedelic ambiance and and a knife edged guitar line. Dark, foggy vocals screech and growl along to the music, like a pack of wolves howling at the desert moon.

Yeah. This shit rips.

A gigantic blender of southern fried, desert doom, classic and modern riff wizardry, Snail pulverize you into a musical stupor. That absolutely minty fresh droned out guitar line provides the backbone for a slew of scrumptious solo’s, soaring melodies and such deep, deep GROOVE.

For example, “Love Theme” hits you six tracks deep. That immense tower of fuzz split apart by a gorgeous guitar line and vocal harmonies. It crushes, enlightens, destroys, creates but most of all it just fucking grooves. That’s what fuels this gigantic, slug-like monstrosity, buckets and buckets full of sweet, sticky grooves. A bastard love child of the Melvins and Black Sabbath, with Pink Floyd as the godfather, this is the album that can just be on repeat for days on end, and you wouldn’t even mind.

I can only describe this album for so long before I just tell you to go fucking listen to thing already. It’s innovative in what’s becoming a crowded genre, meshing together all of the different styles to yield something that can stand head and shoulders above much of the crowd. So sit back, light up and listen to Snail.

“Terminus” is available for a “name your price” option on Bandcamp. Don’t be a douchebag. Put some money in their pockets.

Snail Facebook

Snail Bandcamp


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