Turbonegro harass you, sexually.

FUCK. The past three weeks have been a cyclone of work, beer, skinned knuckles, sex and cars.

Goddammit I love summer.


So I picked up the new album from the legends of punk ‘n’ roll, Turbonegro. As I previously mentioned in a post a while back, this is the first record with a new frontman, Tony Sylvester or The Duke of Nothing. While I’m not happy to see Hank von Helvete replaced, it’s still Turbonegro and it still fucking rips. The bands ninth album since 1992, it shows them as a the absolutely dominate masters of the punk anthem that they’ve grown to be.

So let me start with my problems with this album. In a straight comparison The Duke is much more rough and tumble, a lot more growl in the vocals and delivery. Hank on the other hand packed a lot more glam into his vocals, it was still punk,  just with red velvet drapes. It’s this change in vocals that causes several tracks to sound…odd. Something like “Shake Your Shit Machine” would have just sounded so much better coming from von Helvete.

About half the album struggles with the mix of glam and whiskey. The songs aren’t bad by any means, they just don’t sound right. When the guitars and drums start pounding out a much more sexual rhythm the Duke’s growl throws the track out of proportion so you end up with something that could just be so much better. Even on tracks like “Mister Sister” the vocals just don’t mesh with the grooves.

Now onto the good stuff. The album really shines when the tracks shift over to a more rawk with the roll. Crunchy guitar tones and beer-pounding drums serve as the sticky bar top to support the Dukes bigger, burlier swagger. The opener, “I Got a Knife” is a prime example of where the new Turbo should be hanging their leather vests on. Fightin’, drinkin’, fuckin’, rippin’, all the ‘ins. Simple, dyed to the bone, punk ‘n’ roll.

So all in all I still suggest you pick up this album, it’s still Turbonegro just with a couple stumbles while they find their new legs.

“Sexual Harassment” is available on iTunes and from all the major outlets and if you haven’t dived into the Turbonegro archive than I highly suggest you do so. Like now.


Here’s the track for “You Give Me Worms” again, one of the better tracks on the album.



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