So let me get something out of the way.

I fucking hate it when a front man get replaced. I understand that bands change, and musician’s come and go but when you have a solid, larger than life front man, taking that will more often not cripple a band. Especially when said front man is Hank von fucking Helvete from the Norwegian punk superstars, Turbonegro. So you understand that the new upstart, The Duke of Nothing (Tony Sylvester) has big studded leather shoes to fill.

While the new Turbo will never replace their older stuff (In my humble opinion), the debut track from their new album, “You Give Me Worms”, shows that The Duke can swagger with the big boys. At it’s core the sound is classic Turbonegro, simple, infectious riffs, hammering drums, gang harmonies and just so much leather jacket, leather pants, leather thong rock and fucking roll.

This new track has a slightly coarser sound, thanks to the new frontman and his more rough and tumble vocals. Hank von Helvete was heavy on the glam, a trait that helped shape their sound and image. The new album sounds like it will be a bit more of a bar brawl affair, the glam is still there, it’s just gotten drunk and tossed through a window. The video is a black and white collection of traveling, skating and what looks to be one hell of a live show.

So even with all my bitching, “You Give Me Worms” is still one hell of a ripper and I’m stoked to see what other tracks will sleaze there way out once “Sexual Harassment” drops on June 13th.



2 Responses to “NEW TURBONEGRO”

  1. I haven’t heard much TN, but i think i like the sound of the Duke better than the von helvete . There are a couple of live version of this on youtube and they sound good to me as well.

    Hard to think of many bands that did well with a new frontman that aren’t ACDC.


    • Yeah it’s a personal taste thing, Hank was a lot more glam oriented, where as the Duke plays more to the straight punk side.

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