MORE NEW SHIT: Indian Handcrafts and THE SHRINE

Yeah I could have made one post.

Yeah I could have taken bath salts and eaten a man’s casserole.

I chose neither.


Indian Handcrafts are a big ole steamroller of pounding riffs, overwhelming distortion and galloping drums, everything you need basically. There’s also from Barrie, which is about 15 minutes from me. So local represent. Their first self titled EP I talked about here, and now we get a teaser video for the new album due out sometime in late 2012.

It seems that this intrepid duo have been onto big things since I last checked, as parts of this video were shot at the Melvin’s practice room. Also that the Melvin’s deadly drumming duo of Dave and Coady make appearance on the album should be more than enough to let you know this shit rips.

The video opens up with a huge ass gong getting hauled into a practice space, then your punched in the side of the head with a jackhammering track sample of “Terminal Horse”. The Melvin’s influence is clear here, with an absolutely furious musical and vocal assault careening through your ears. It’s toe curling and milk curdling kind of good shit folks.



Now THE SHRINE are a group of thrashers from over California way. I wrote about their debut demo, “BLESS OFF” right hur. The music is a maelstrom of jangling guitars, waves of fuzz, rumbling basslines and howling guitar solos.

It’s the essence of a vintage mosh pit, distilled and pumped right into your brain. So before you run out and buy that demo (Which you should), I’ll just let you know that they’ve recently been signed to Tee-Pee records. Home of such alumni as Graveyard, High on Fire and The Fucking Wrath, you can be damn sure they’re in good company.

The video is a collection of filtered modern shots combined with vintage skate clips back by a sample of the song, “Whistling of Death”. Coming from such a killer demo I’ve got high hopes for this album and this teaser keeps my hopes in the right direction.

You’ll get a full review once “Primitive Blasts” brawls it’s way into your ears on July 10th.



2 Responses to “MORE NEW SHIT: Indian Handcrafts and THE SHRINE”

  1. July 10th? Mark that shit down – really like The Shrine. Another great find.

    Thanks for finding this stuff,

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