Apologies…and music

Yeah I know. It’s been like, two weeks since I’ve posted anything. A combination of a new job, lots of booze and general shenanigans have kept my computer time to a minimum, something that will probably happen for the rest of the summer. You’ll still get music of course, just instead of a endless deluge you’ll just have to contend with a drip fed IV of liquid riff.

I’ve still been trawling the interwebs and finding new tunes, so I’ll throw up a couple quickies right here.

Black Breath – Sentenced to Life

Angry, piss-fuck ignorant crossover thrash ‘n’ roll. It’s straight up Entombed worship, to the point they even use the same fuzz pedals as their idols. Even with that fact the music still rips shit up, crashing and churning like a booze fueled monstrosity. Towering grooves, so much shred, pounding distortion and just general fucking badassery. Here’s the video for “Home of the Grave” which gets points for a total shit production and some of the best drummer faces I’ve seen.


The Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata

Thanks to GroverXIII over on No Clean Singing, I’ve found one of the most inspiring, refreshing and innovate albums I’ve heard in a loooong time. The band is Diablo Swing Orchestra and the album is Pandora’s Pinata. This Swedish jazz/metal/swing/opera fusion group literally pull all the stops in crafting pure fucking sonic sex. There is nothing they won’t do in pursuit of making music, brass sections, a cello, full opera sections, SO MUCH RHYTHM, a little sitar and even what sounds like Jpop. It might sound like a terrible hodgepodge but it’s not. Everything is fucking spot on, the production, the playing, the ideas, it’s just some of the best pure music I’ve heard in many a day.

Here’s the full review over on NCS and the video for “Voodoo Mon Amour”. Get this album. Now.

NCS Review (Thanks Grover!)



2 Responses to “Apologies…and music”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    no worries on the summer slowdown, quality of quantity is fine.

    the black breath video was pretty sweet.


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