Thrash has always held a grimy little corner in my heart. The first genre that kicked me square in the nuts and put me on the path to Satan and headbanging, (Thanks to Exodus and Testament), so whenever I hear an ignorant as fuck thrash riff come crashing into earshot I always get a big ‘ole grin on my face. So when I find myself getting pummeled into submission by a mixture of crossover thrash, hardcore punk and southern flairs, you can imagine how happy I am with SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER.

I can’t avoid capslocking that name, you don’t say a name that awesome silently, you howl it at your neighbors while pelting them with broken bottles and old shoes. As you then proceed to tear down their doors, take a piss in the living room, fight with the dog, throw the TV through the window and open up a pit in the dining room. That’s exactly the kind of vibe you get from this group of Russian hooligans.

Pedal-through-the-fucking-floorboards fast, their album “Hail To The Tsar” will leave you flat on your ass in the wake of frantic guitar work, demonic d-beats and murder your grandmother thrash grooves. If thrash was the motor these guys started with, then hardcore bumped the displacement and punk added some boost, cuz this shits rips. Even with a died red thrash core, SMG feel no qualms from venturing into different territories to grab some new flavors.

Gang shouts, campy synth work and fat as hell riffs make this an album hard to stop listening too. There’s no pretense here, they just went out to get the most power out of every second of music and they sure as hell did. Pure joy, start to finish.

So this a 6 track album. The first 5 tracks are what I just described, fucking awesomesauce. The sixth track, now that’s a real humdinger. It’s a cover, of a cartoon theme song and that’s all I’m saying. Other than it’s RAD AS BALLS. SERIOUSLY.

So stop being a pretentious tightwad and go get fucked up for the low cost of $7, ok? Ok? Good.

Siberian Meat Grinder Facebook

Siberian Meat Grinder Bandcamp



  1. Haha.. out of all the theme songs I thought it could possibly be, I never would have guessed THAT one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song re-done by anybody. Especially not in such a thrashy style, and especially not with such a… mellow new-agey breakdown in the middle?

    • Right? I love what Russian bands do, they don’t play by any specific rules, just whatever shit they want to throw together.

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