Random Riffage: Fat Bottomed Girls

I’ve got this unwritten rule regarding classic rock. I don’t have any physical copies of it (With the exception of CCR, because it’s CCR). I only listen to it on the radio. So this has allowed me to still get stoked on songs that are played quite frequently or are otherwise quite famous. I also have a habit of going on song kicks, where certain grooves just catch me like the plague.

“Fat Bottomed Girls” is just one of those songs that hits all the right chords. That opening harmony, Freddie Freaking Mercury, THAT RIFF, that absolutely floor shattering groove, dat bassline, that guitar tone, that everything.

It’s rock ‘n’ fucking roll, no if’s, and’s or butt’s about it.


4 Responses to “Random Riffage: Fat Bottomed Girls”

  1. phrometal Says:

    I’ve never really heard any Queen songs that did much for me. But this was a good fucking song. Sweet! Thanks!

  2. Great Song. Man, to be a fly on the wall in the room when they were coming up with the concept for that one…..

    You have a good way to keep otherwise overplayed music fresh.

    One thing to check out is alot of “classic” rock tracks that are really overplayed are on absolutely amazing albums. If you are skipping out of Dark Side of the Moon (or London Calling or Are You Experienced) because you don’t want to here Money (or whatever) again, well, you might be missing out.

    Keep on postin

    • Yeah I totally understand what your saying. I still get to enjoy a lot of the classics in their entirety thanks to my buddies well stocked vinyl collection :D.

      • Anonymous Says:

        vinyl is great for sitting back with a beer or you drug of choice and just listening. No skipping forward, no instant repeat, just listen. OTOH, it kinda sucks for a long road trip.


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