Meandering Musicality with Maize

At times I have to spend hours trawling the deep, dank bowels of the internet in search of the tastiest of jams, like a musical truffle pig searching for the ever illusive riffs. But then sometimes I get lucky and a reader (They exist!?) will leave me a comment pointing towards a previously undiscovered section of the forest. One such reader is Ricardo and one such band is Maize.

This psychedelic trio from Portugal play a blissful combination of classic rock riff worship, epic length meandering jams and spaced out ambiance. Their debut self-titled EP was released a mere five days ago and is 4 tracks and 40 minutes of oh so glorious riffage.

Usually I’m not the biggest psychedelic/space fan, as I usually don’t have the patience to wait through a 3 minute intro and a 10 minute interlude just to hear some music. Maize do a damn fine job of using the spacey elements just as a little added flavor, not as the main course. Probably most comparable to Radio Moscow, with their seemingly effortless jams that slither and twist their way through your conscious.

Essentially an instrumental work, what little vocals there are get used more as punctuation to the paragraphs of guitar. Running the gamut from meaty beer rock riffs, skillfully articulated solos, fuzzed out psychedelics and impenetrable grooves, your never left wanting. The pace changes frequently but smoothly, slipping into each groove for long enough to get comfortable before switching tones to avoid stagnation.

Everything is skillfully played and the production is spot on, with the perfect coating of fuzz to tie everything together. If any word was going to be used to describe their sound, I’d probably slap it with a sublime badge. It’s mellow yet technical, a calm frenzy of guitar, drum and bass work.

This is an extremely promising debut from an extremely promising band. You can pick it up for 2 euro ($2.56) on Bandcamp. Mmmmhmmmm.

Maize Bandcamp

Maize Facebook


8 Responses to “Meandering Musicality with Maize”

  1. Dude,
    New member of the church, and holy smokes these guys rock. track A and U are amazing.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Just because a reader leaves a comment, that doesn’t automatically mean they are real people…

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