Cheap Shot: The Steep Steps

Figure I might as well get another post in while I’m still awake.

“The Steep Steps” is a teaser track from the upcoming release by the punker than thou, The Vibrating Antennas. A dark and rage filled steamroller of noise, grunge and punk, their sound brings to mind such bands as Pigs, Unsane or Whores. Simple, jarring grooves serve as the soap box for the Antennas to vent their frustrations and give them a sonic form.

It’s a punch to the sternum followed by a a quick curb stomping, as you lie on the ground wondering what the hell just hit you. The song opens with a rolling drum intro, fluttering back and forth through your ears. Coarse vocals and a filthy baseline soon join the fun, just in time for one big mother of a riff to leave you in the dust. It’s infectious, violent, dirty, charged up and punk as fuck. Just the way it should be.

There’s no news of any further releases as of now but I hope we can see a full length from these guys in the near future.

The Vibrating Antennas Facebook

The Vibrating Antennas Bandcamp


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