The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs

If there’s one thing I value most of all in music it’s a fun and healthy disregard for seriousness. It can be very hard to find a band that plays by these rules and still manages to pump out killer tunes with a little spit ‘n’ drool instead of  a bucket load of srs’ness. The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs not only write ass kicking tunes but they’re also fucking funny at the same time.

Playing a self-described style of swampcore that roughly translates to a breed of hardcore so drenched in southern swampwater and moonshine, it’s basically unrecognizable. They’ve got two full lengths, “The Eagle’s Greatest Hits” and “Hot Garbage” along with two additional singles. I’m not really picking one specific album to review because they both rip so you can’t lose.

I’ll just go ahead and start with the riffs, this being the Church of the Riff and all. The Stubbs have absolutely nailed not just the perfect southern swamp guitar tone but also manage to crank out a bayou’s worth of instantly southern but still original riffage. It’s tunes like this that were the exact inspiration behind this blog and it brings a big gap-toothed smile to my face every time I hear riffs this swamp fried.

Along with these truly excellent riffs are some damn infectious songs. Simple, pounding and plenty groove give you ample motivation to finish your beer and open another. It’s not fancy or frilly, just straight meat ‘n’ taters hard rockin’ good times.

At the other end of this backwoods musical still is an awesome sense of tongue in cheek humor. The songs tend to revolve around trucks, beer, rednecks, food and good times and all showcase great one liners and comedic tangents. I came too close to spitting beer all over my laptop on more than one occasion.  Usually a band can nail the jokes or the music, it’s rare when they manage both.

Oh and the other thing? All their music is FREE. Yeah. FREE. So you have no excuse not to enjoy this, unless your a tightass pansy.

“That runs on stem cells and styrofoam, and crushes road like a four-wheeled Thunderdome.”

The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs Facebook

The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs Bandcamp

Streams for both albums below:


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