Lowriderz Ride The Walrus

I firmly beleive that by starting a track with a well spit “Blech!” will instantly make your song better and give you at least 6.32 more awesome points. Also having big mother-fucking riffs and being from Northwest Russia doesn’t hurt either.

Lowriderz are a stoner rock band from the aforementioned home of James Bond villains and vodka. The most apt description of their sound would be Alabama Thunderpussy, if Alabama Thunderpussy were from Russia instead of Virgina. So like, Russian Thundersnatch or something. I haven’t been able to find much information outside of their Bandcamp page and the solitary release, “Ride the Walrus” was out in 2010, so no clues there.

So if your familiar with the groundwork laid down by the Thunderpussy, then you’ll be in familiar territory with Lowriderz. Monster riffs and heaping helpings of swagger tossed in with a mix of southern drawl and a sludge influenced crawl. These riffs have weight, like a 300 lb trucker charging you from across a smoke filled bar kind of weight. It’s not subtle or technical, it’s downright thunderous.

The vocals are spot on with the hammering tunes, lyrics being belted out by a voice that sounds like it as suffered decades of cheap beer, expensive whiskey, weed, chew and gasoline fumes, all topped up with a generous side of rage. Again I find myself comparing them to Thunderpussy, and that’s the comparison that most people will draw. While it’s not a bad thing to emulate one of the greatest southern rock bands, it does get a bit dangerous when you tread so close to familiar territory.

Even with that being said, “Ride The Walrus” is still a good album, well worth a listen of it’s 4 tracks. It’s up for $5 if you feel so inclined and you can giv’r a listen below. YEEHAW.

Lowriderz Bandcamp


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