Black Black Black, Goose.

HA! I passed. Now even if I piss my summer away in a booze-fueled bender it’ll still be OK, because I passed.

So. Music, and a can of FAXE %10 (Good shit).

Black Black Black are a Brooklyn based stoner metal quartet. Their self-titled debut was released on March 22nd and is twelve tracks of a meaty stoner base, marinated in doom, basted in occult and seared in psychedelic then served with a side of fuzz. A refreshing combination of flavors to tickle your earbuds.

As soon as the album opens up with “Seance for a Sucker”, BBB slap you awake with a discordant mix of chanting and distortion just to keep you on your toes. “Pentagram On” swaggers on next, showcasing the stoner foundation and solid, groove riffs abound. “Wisdom, Knowledge & Fucked” is next, with a crawling pace and a psychedelic doom sort of vibe.

I’m just using these first three songs as a quick example of the genre shifting that makes this album unique. Within the first ten minutes you’ve already been tossed through the gamut of stoner, occult, doom and psychedelic jams in a way that keeps you guessing and keeps you entertained. Black Black Black still manage to establish their own sound across the record, as several songs bring together all of the outside influences into their own breed of stoner.

This album greatness still lies within the changing sounds though. Even as the album begins to establish a steady pace in the latter half, you still get kicked in the teeth with surprises like the hardcore tinged “Redeath”. Oh and there’s a track that’s a 2:17 long drum solo. Yeah, it’s fucking awesome. They also have a masterful grasp of ambiance in terms of extra instruments and samples.

I was and still am so very pleased with this album. Tight production, excellent musicality, and a refreshing collection of genre hybrids that never gets stale. It’s best enjoyed in it’s entirety, slowly chipping away at your consciousness and drawing you deeper and deeper into the black.

It’s up for $10 on Bandcamp and I highly suggest you go listen, probably one of the better releases of 2012 this far.

Black Black Black Facebook

Black Black Black Bandcamp


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