Fresh New Jams: The Heavy Eyes with “2”

Sorry for the long absence, the combination of exams, moving and getting work has put my blog time on hold. But now I’m back and what better way to come back than with some tasty new jams from The Heavy Eyes.

I previously mentioned this Memphis based trio here and their self-titled release is still one of my top blues rock releases to date. Their recipe of equal parts fuzz, golden riffs and retro vibes give all their songs a rose-tinted glasses kind of feel. Now while I know the Black Keys comparisons will be made before I can finish hitting enter and there’s nothing I can do about that. However, just because the Black Keys write good songs and have achieved mainstream success with their sound does not mean they’re the be all and end all of blues rock. Open your eyes people.

Now that we got that out of the way, The Heavy Eyes have just released 2 new tracks from their next album, scheduled for a end of summer/fall release. Both tracks show a continuation of the sound that I loved from their debut with certain new spices added into the mix. Opening with “These Men Are Wolves”, they dive right back into a thick, fuzzed out groove that panders along, causing heads to nod and smiles to appear.

“Catfish Blues” picks up the groove before it can touch the ground and caresses it into an even slower pace, with big spoonfuls of solo work and plenty of fuzz. These two tracks show that The Heavy Eyes have lost none of their sound and have continued to build upon the strong foundation set with their debut. I’m salivating for more and will keep you posted as more news drops.

Oh, and the best part? Both of these tracks are up for FREE download on Bandcamp, so get crackin’!

The Heavy Eyes Facebook

The Heavy Eyes Bandcamp



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