Free Freaking Friday: Fredag den 13:e

It’s been a while since I’ve come across some halfway awesome free music and even though this isn’t riff rock or a stoner classic it still slays.

Fredag den 13:e are a crust punk band from Göteborg, Sweden. Their one album up on Bandcamp, “Under Iskalla Fanor” (During Freezing Flags) is a 13 track maelstrom of frenzied riffs, demonic d-beats and bucket loads of general ass-kickery. Even with 13 songs, all of them stay under 3 minutes, which is the perfect dosage for this kind of fuckitall punk bomb.

Even while this a crust punk album at it’s heart, Fredag have seen fit to don the many patched denim vests of the punk ‘n’ roll and hardcore worlds. While the crust provides the propulsion for these explosive tracks, punk ‘n’ roll and hardcore provide the extra trimmings. From guitar meanderings in the background noise, bile spitting vocals and general straightforward aggression your gonna be sore when this album is through.

“Under Iskalla Fanor” also packs quite a few catchy riffs in with the buzz saw pacing. They’re thrown in just infrequently enough to keep you guessing and more importantly, keep you interested. Punk in general isn’t the most imaginative genre, the music being more about the message than the execution. Fredag do a damn fine job of creating a thunderous hybrid of styles that stays true the angst riddled roots of punk without getting stuck in a repetitive drone.

Released in July of 2010, “Under Iskalla Fanor” is up for the low cost of nothing on Bandcamp, so if your a fan of bar destroying, bottle smashing, mosh driving whirlwinds of sound, you should damn well give’r a listen.

Fredag den 13:e Facebook

Fredag den 13:e Bandcamp


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