The Socks and the Bedrock EP

2 exams down, 4 to go. Woo fuckin’ hoo. As long as I can keep finding jams like this, perhaps I won’t go insane just yet.

The Socks are a Zeppelin/Sabbath worship band from Lyon, France. Their second EP, “Bedrock” was released on the first of this month and is 6 tracks of solid, blissed out riffage. Don’t let the worship of the classics turn you away, The Socks bring more than their fair share of inspiration to the table, resulting in some fresh new perspectives on the classic stoner rock style.

“Magic Rays” opens up the taps with hard hitting lead riff and rock solid grooves. The guitar tone is period perfect even with the fuzz and distortion at low levels. A cleaner production helps to mesh the classic styles with the modern musical influences. The jam builds in energy and general riffery, tossing some vocal harmonies and a little hint of keyboards into the pot. It’s an excellent precursor or the songs to come.

The entire EP shows that The Socks know how to write damn good songs. Everything sounds fleshed out and exciting, without ever getting repetitive or redundant. The musicianship is on point, with all the riffs flirting with the classic while still remaining fresh and infectious. Everything just sounds…right. The aforementioned riffs, vocal harmonies, tasteful solos and keyboard work show a band that knows exactly what they are doing.

Even if no new boundaries are being crossed, or new genres created it really doesn’t matter. “Bedrock” is a rock ‘n’ roll EP of an exceptionally high caliber, and one you should most definitely give a listen to. “Bedrock” is up on Bandcamp for 6 euro ($8) and you can find all the usual info below. Now go listen already!

The Socks Facebook

The Socks Bandcamp


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