Trigger Effect and their Escape From Planet Scorpion

Other than waking up to the joy discomfort of an exam today, I also got to wake up to the release of Trigger Effect’s new EP, “Escape From Plant Scorpion”. I posted about the associated video and teaser last week and now you can feast your filthy ears on the full jam.

“Escape From Planet Scorpion” is essentially a concept album about the journeys of Turbo Machine and it’s valiant efforts to escape the draconian grasp of the fearsome Space Scorpions. This epic yarn is weaved into a 11 minute track, composing half the EP. Before you start screaming heresy at the thought of an 11 minute punk ‘n’ roll song, just hold your horses, cuz this shit rips.

The track is chock full of solid riffage, galloping melodies and shred-tastic solo work. The opening charge grinds it’s way down to a helpless spiral as Turbo Machine face their doom. All seems lost as the scorpions control grows ever stronger, but the resilient Turbo Machine struggle onwards. They toss their shackles aside and make a desperate bid for their reliable Heliocraft, hoping it will not fail them now and allow them to escape their torturous captors.

On the B side of this EP there is “LARP” (Legendary Armaments, Real Pain) which was written for the “Lloyd the Conqueror” soundtrack. Lloyd is a movie previously unknown to me but after doing some research it sure looks worth seeing. A group of college slackers/LARP’ers must do battle against the evil and self-proclaimed lord of the LARP’ers.

(For anyone who’s not a huge nerd like the rest of us, LARP = Live Action Role playing = Dudes dressed as wizards hitting each other with foam swords)

While it might sound lame to some keep in mind the soundtrack features such alumni as Trigger Effect, Barn Burner, 3 Inches of Blood and Bison BC along with starring Mike Smith (Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) and Brian Posehn (a metric crapton of funny stuff). So yeah, awesome.

Even after all that fancy back story and movie involvement, both tracks still shred and are worth your time and headbang points. “Escape From Planet Scorpion” is up on iTunes, Bandcamp and through the Indica Records website for $4. LARP away!

Trigger Effect Facebook

Trigger Effect Bandcamp

Indica Records


2 Responses to “Trigger Effect and their Escape From Planet Scorpion”

  1. Holy shit, this post is so full of awesomejizz I need to change my pants!!!

    The song is fucking brilliant!

    And now I know about Lloyd the Conqueror!!!

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