The more I listen to metal the more I find myself sleazing my way over to the thrash side of the spectrum. As much as I love serious technical death metal and the like, I always find myself gravitating to music that is less fancy, but way more fucking fun. This usually involves a healthy does of punk, hardcore and thrash to take things from the hyper-produced technical end to the filthy back alleys of DIY metal.

In Defence seem to have been kicking around the hardcore and crossover scene for many years but this is the first I’ve heard of them. If the album cover wasn’t any inclination, they play a rocket propelled style of hardcore thrash. Subtlety and technicality are thrown to the wayside to make room for frantic riffs and bucketloads of sleaze.

They definitely stick to the hardcore and punk side of the equation, with the thrash influence only serving as a guiding hand to the grindpunk insanity. To the unprepared it might sound like the clawed hand of Satan just reached out from the speakers and tore your jaw off. To those that make heavy music their stomping ground, you’ll find a no holds barred auditory assault designed to crush skulls.

Violent riffs careen through the songs at a breakneck pace. The drums sound like a infernal combustion engine, strained to it’s breaking point. Toss in some venom spitting vocals and then splatter on some distortion and call it a day. This is fun music, fast, furious and uncompromising, but most of all, fucking fun. There really isn’t that much more too say, you’ll either fall into one of three categories when you hear this:

1) Turn up your nose because they don’t use 8 strings/aren’t kvlt.

2) Run screaming for the hills.

3) Headbang furiously.

(The right answer is three)

“Party Lines And Politics” was released in 2010 and is up on Bandcamp for $5. So go get fucked up and listen.

In Defence Bandcamp

In Defence Facebook

Here’s the video for “Black Metal Mania”, which shows you what would happen is everyone in the world was kvlt. Scary thought.



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