Sunday Sludge: Pigs ruin everything

I’m gonna try to actually get things back on schedule, but we’ll see what happens once summer/work starts. And yes, this technically isn’t sludge in the traditional sense, but technically I don’t give a shit.

Pigs is the bastard lovechild of a variety of hardcore and metal veterans.  With members having done work in Unsane, Converge and Freshkills, you know your destined for a collection of dirty, violent and ugly sounds spread across their 11 track debut, “You Ruin Everything”. It’s a perfect amalgamation of punk, sludge, noise and hardcore, all poured into a beer and meth stained clown suit and shoved out into the street to play.

“Give It” opens with a stumbling guitar line that smashes it’s way along until it’s trampled under the steel-toed feet of the chorus. It’s just a taste of whats to come, letting you figure out where you stand and reminding you that you stand at the bottom of the ladder. If the album cover wasn’t any inclination the music is grim and vile. Smiles are something that happens to other people, as gnashing teeth and split lips become the standard.

The grim overtones lend their dirt stained hands to the musical heft of this album. Everything is thick and almost tangible, from the heavy bass line to the rancid crunch of the guitars, it’s not one to play nice. If you dig your way through the blackened crust on the exterior of this monster, you’ll find a sticky sludge center, one that lends itself to the crushing grooves and mammoth riffs.

While the sound they have crafted is entirely corrupting and pockmarked with doom, it is still so downright infectious and well written. As the track dances from a crushing riff hammer backed with gutter-rat vocals, to a fluttering, almost post-rock interlude, you realize the depth of musicianship on display here. Everyone knows what they’re doing and just sound so goddamn good together. “You Ruin Everything” has definitely elbowed and curbstomped it’s way to my list of best release this year.

So go get it. Like right now. Price is 6.90 euro on Bandcamp ($9) and there’s also a vinyl option as well, so you’ve got all your avenues covered.

Pigs Bandcamp

And the video for “Give It”


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