Grifter remind us the The Simplicity of the Riff is Key

I can only do so many iterations of the classical Runge-Katta derivation method before my head slowly starts to unscrew. So it’s time for a…


“The Simplicity of the Riff is Key” is the title of a 2010 release by the UK’s Grifter. As soon as I read the title I had high hopes for this 4 track EP and oh boy was I pleased. Their Facebook quotes them as “Burt Reynolds Music!” and if yesterdays post wasn’t a big enough hint, Burt Reynolds is the fucking man. Grifter bring the big boy riffs, with huge grooves, thick tones and a nice little southern flair.

Bringing to mind equal parts Clutch, Orange Goblin and all the classics that came before them, Grifter play denim and boots rock ‘n’ roll. Nothing else, nothing more. The album cranks into gear with “The Voices”. A monster of a riff leads an equal monster of a groove out by the reins. Hardly a minute in and your foot has already found it’s natural tap and you head has that slow, satisfied nod it yearns for. The bass also plays a big part in the mix, adding a suitable heft to the track.

The grooves keep truckin’ through the length of the album. Grifter never really break their pace too much. Instead they focus on keeping a consistent flow through each track. Even the solo’s are mellowed out, still providing a nice contrast to the sticky sweet grooves but never stealing the show. The motto of this EP is “riff the shit out of that riff until there’s a new riff” and riff they do.

All I was missing on this listen through was a case of beer to drink along with it, but since I’m broke I had to make do with imagining how awesome it would be with beers. If it’s half as awesome as I imagined, you will most definitely be one happy panda.

“The Simplicity of the Riff is Key” is up on Bandcamp for a name your price option, so don’t be a scrooge and send some money their way if you like what you hear.

Grifter Facebook

Grifter Bandcamp



2 Responses to “Grifter remind us the The Simplicity of the Riff is Key”

  1. Only just found this…sweet review, cheers dude!

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