Fresh New Jams: The Strzebonsky Noizescene Redux EP

One more day of classes, but two full weeks of exams. Yeehaw…

Thankfully I’ve got some fresh new jams from The Strzebonsky Noizescene, the Belgian drum and bass duo who’s previous EP we talked about here. Their new EP, “Redux” is released tomorrow and sees a successful return to the simple grooves that made the first EP so tasty. The big draw of their sound is the emphasis on simplicity and catchy grooves, a formula that is in full form on “Redux”.

The EP opens up with an eerie movie sample and bass tones to match. I’m quite annoyed at myself actually, since I didn’t know where the clip was from and then couldn’t find it on Google. Either way it suits the track well and helps to build an almost digital type of atmosphere. The song ambles forward, keeping it’s grooves interesting with a couple taps from the cowbell, Melvins-esque gang shouts and a little digital noise.

“What You Want To Hear” is the most infectious track by far. Seriously, it’s really damn catchy, stuck in your head all goddamn day catchy. It’s smooth and simple and the rhythm is carried on a cowbell, which automatically makes everything better. This is track that shows the Noizescene doing what they do best and it’s more than worthy radio material.

The next two tracks, “Emerald Eyes” and “Dahlia” keeps everything moving in the right direction. “Emerald Eyes” is an entirely instrumental effort, with snatches of static added in, thanks to a digital drumpad. It has a more somber tone than the other tracks, partially due to the lack of vocals and digital static. “Dahlia” is another solid track, showing the strongest use of digital effects working seamlessly into the bass tones.

“Noize Reduction” closes out the album with a pure electronic track. While electro isn’t my thing, I didn’t hate the song and it even had me tapping my foot and parts. Even though I’m not a huge fan of electronic effects and electro, I definitely see how it works with the minimalist bass and drum setup to yield some pretty interesting results. “Redux” will be released tomorrow and I’ll have some distribution info to follow.

The Strzebonsky Noizescene Facebook

Here’s the video for “What You Want To Hear”;




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