Come worship at THE SHRINE

I feel like in the process of cramming for exams I’ve stopped forcing useless information out and started to loose useful information. One day I’m going to get up and not know how to open a door or something equally debilitating.

Until then I’ll send some musical riff raff careening through my brain, courtesy of the California based hooligans, The Shrine. Categorized as “psychedelic violence” that’s probably the most apt description you can slap on their booze fueled breed of dirty jeans rock ‘n’ roll. There’s no subtly or artsy pretense in their 9 track demo, just dirty beards, denim vests and pounding guitars, guaranteed to put a smile on any heshers face.

The production is suitable lo-fi, the auditory equivilant of what it would look like. While some may argue that the extra greasy production detracts from the sound, I spit my beer in their direction to remind them rock ‘n’ roll isn’t about how clean your production is or how clear the tones are, it’s about how hard you shred while keeping shit fun. The Shrine do exactly that, with deep hooks and galloping fuzzed out solos spread across the release.

Even under the healthy coating of fuzz and distortion you still get a mugful of musicianship and songwriting. The solos are fast, fun and amply used, ensuring you don’t have to wait to long until the welcome warbling of a guitar hits your ears. All the songs show a strong ability to craft a catchy ditty and keep things interesting for the duration. If anything, having a lo-fi production that still sound good is more of a claim to fame than the equivilant manicured release. Lo-fi (generally) means the band will always sound this awesome, live or otherwise.

With the knobs turned to eleven, the pace is just as hectic to match. Their songs crash and carouse along, with doses of punk and stoner throwing themselves under the wheels of this musical maelstrom. It may seem like an odd comparison but to me The Shrine is like a rock ‘n’ roll Hot Graves, a lo-fi, punched up joyride that spare no expense at keeping the music fun and frantic.

BLESS OFF is up for $5 on Bandcamp. It was released last September so hopefully we’ll get some new tunes in the near future. Bombs Away!

The Shrine Facebook

The Shrine Bandcamp



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  1. […] thrashers from over California way. I wrote about their debut demo, “BLESS OFF” right hur. The music is a maelstrom of jangling guitars, waves of fuzz, rumbling basslines and howling guitar […]

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