Wild Evel & The Trashbones bring you Tales From The Cave

The last week of classes is a bittersweet thing, on one hand I’m ecstatic because classes are done. Only to be slapped back to my sense with my other hand full of exams.


Wild Evel & The Trashbones are working wonders on my end of the year melancholy, bringing a dirt dance floor breed of ’60’s punk all the way over from Austria. Both the name and album cover should give you a pretty big hint towards the kind of vibes you can expect to hear on this 17 track release. Punched up sixties era garage punk, bucketloads of fuzz, harmonica and keys intact.

The songs all read like they sleazed their way off the sleeve of an LP. “Hot Rod Zombie”, “Your Head, My Baseball Bat” and “I Wanna Be Your Caveman” are a couple of my favorites. Even though this is a huuuuge release, all of the songs are quick and jaunty enough to keep variety across the album to stave off the feeling of repetition. With the production carrying the perfect dose of fuzz and the musicianship right on point, it sounds like this was pressed in 1961, not 2012.

This is definitely one of the most infectious releases that have graced my ear canals this year. There’s something just so damn joy-inducing trapped within the jangling riffs and danceable rhythms. I found myself contorting my body in weird ways as I walked across the room. It caused me a great deal of fear and trepidation when I realized my body was actually trying to dance, not just headbang.

Given some more encouragement I probably would have started dancing, which actually caused me to scream as it is surely a sign of the end. Doomsday forecasts aside, this is a stellar album through and through. It was released in February of this year and is up for 11 euro ($14) on Bandcamp. Get some!

The Trashbones Bandcamp

The Trashbones Facebook



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