Hide the booze, DADROCK is here

Alright. We’re back in action, after that blur of an Easter.

One of the reasons I started this blog was due to the encouragement of my friend Taylor. I’ve previously mentioned his work as the drummer in The Baxters but now we’ve got a taste of his other project, DADROCK. The goal of DADROCK was to make some big, ball swingin’, mustachioed swagger in musical form. Thick riffs and meaty grooves are the driving force behind these testicle-dragging jams.

The teaser/debut track, “Compensation” shows all of their beer rock philosophies in full form. The thick riffs and simple grooves give you plenty to nod your head too, while the inclusion of a little keyboard work adds a nice little vintage vibe, connecting the handlebars to the goatee. Solid drum work by Justin Lund and a tasty production tie the whole thing together.

“Compensation” is up as a free download on Bandcamp to get your ear pussies wet for the full release, which will of course be up on the Church when it drops.

DADROCK Bandcamp


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