Operators With Their Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster

Good morning afternoon, whatever. Well, it’s still my morning, times so relative man *stares off into space*, wha-?

Yeah, music, OK.

Operators are a Berlin based stoner band with one full length from 2011 currently available. Their take on things is a pure and straightforward, classic stoner vibe. With an overall cleaner sound and warmer mix, Operators put more emphasis on the roll, not just on the stoned out jams. With the assets of a full time organ player, they can add certain unique textures to their sound.

The album opens up with the a boot-shaker in the form of “Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster”. Classic rock swagger is complemented by the quirky tone of the organ, the track gallops along, more like a wild herd of horses than any machine of steel and iron. The tone alternates from straight rock song, as on the aforementioned roller coaster, to more jam style vibes in “Pig & Pepper”.

I have to say it’s the organ that helps separate these boys from the stoner hordes. Without it, the songs would still be listenable, but they would lack the pleasing quirks that the organ provides. Employed in a variety of methods, from the long progressive drones, to the quick-witted melodies, it cuts it’s own way through the crashing riffs. Not that they’re any slouch either, as bluesy licks and jabbing solos punctuate the entire release.

The latter half of the album brings longer songs and more of a shift to the progressive side of things. “Beaches” and “Dropout” sees the addition of some new elements, a slower ambiance and eerie group vocals, provide new depth to the jams. “Evilla” closes out the album in spectacular fashion, with all of the elements they had been building on meshed together into the standout track in my mind.

“Operators” is up for 5 euros on Bandcamp ($6.50) and all your usual information lies below. Have at ‘er!

Operators Facebook

Operators Bandcamp


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