Sunday Shredder: Death Mercedes

*I didn’t have a sludge band ready for today. However, I do still have your dose of heavy in the form of a little thrashcore*

600 mL beers need to be way more common. I’ve been drinking this bottle of Beau’s Lug Tread for the past half hour, and haven’t had to get up to get another beer yet! It’s freaking awesome.

So yeah music. I couldn’t find a sludge band for today, I did look but not that hard. I did have this band called Death Mercedes sitting in my favorites, just waiting to get a chance to pollute my earholes, and pollute my earholes it did.

Death Mercedes are a band from Paris that play a breed of hardcore heavly influence by early 80’s thrash titans and crust punk hooligans.Released in October 2011, their debut EP, “Du Soleil Refroidi” (Cooled the Sun) is a fast, violent crash course in thrash and hardcore, or thrashcore. Yeah genres are stupid but they help my mind cope ok? I’m not crazy, just unstable. Shit, I’m rambling again.

All 7 tracks on this EP clock in under 3 minutes, making you think that you would be getting 3 minutes worth of head-smashed-through-a-table thrash violence, but not entirely. You still get broken bones from listening to this album but the aggression comes in short bursts, interspersed with sections of a melodic variety. They show that they can do more than just bash your skull in and still keep running. Flirtations with melodic hardcore gives the entire EP almost an melancholy vibe.

The music still gets you thrashing around, just with a bit more sense of mind than your usually ignorant riffage. Their love of punk crust shines through along with the influences of screamo and hardcore. This helps yield some truly catchy and headbang worthy moments all designed to punctuate your fist in the air. While this is a step outside of my usual listening spectrum, it was a welcome step for me.

“Du Soleil Refroidi” is up for a name your price option on Bandcamp and I’ve got all your usual information below. Enjoy!

Death Mercedes Bandcamp

Death Mercedes Facebook


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