Free Freaking Friday: Witchstone EP

I think I’ve finally figured out why I have such a hard time keeping track of what day it is. Since I usually run on a 12pm to 3am cycle, the day always changed over while I’m still awake, so I go to sleep and wake up on the same day. Or I’m just fucking mentally unstable, which is way more likely.

Annnnnnyway. Music? Free music? Right.

So Witchstone are a newly minted sludge band from the far west (Calgary), this 4 track EP was released on the 23rd of February and is their only release to date (That I’m aware of). Their breed of sludge lies firmly in the weed smoke choked halls of the psychedelic-stoner category of things. That being slow, meandering riffs but still packing plenty of punch and a healthy dose of fuzz.

These big, meandering riffs march forward with minimal velocity but maximum force. You don’t so much get the choice to head bang, it just happens, your neck snapped into motion by the bottomless grooves. It’s the kind of blissful jams that can only come after the consumption of copious amounts of cannabis. Instead of trying to be technical and dance across the fretboard, they find a riff, dig that riff, and then riff the shit out of that riff. Riff.

Stylistically they generate a spaced-out doom atmosphere, with haunting ambiance and minimalistic vocals. The vocals serve merely as an accessory to the riffs, used only to build the atmosphere of equal parts comfort and fear. Not abject terror, just a little tickle at the base of your spine, making you feel like a hunted man in an unfamiliar world. Slowly creeping through the underbrush, as silently as you dare, for the great riff hunts eternal.

Bands like Witchstone are one of the main reasons I started this blog. They’re not terribly original, nor technical or groundbreaking. They simply know how to write catchy riffs, bottomless grooves and wind it together in such a way to give your little ear-pussies tingles of joy. As much as we love to get carried away by bands with light speed sweeping, or flaming fret-boards, or a half naked orangutang playing the bagpipes, Witchstone sit you down, pass you the bong and show you what you’ve been missing.

Solid. Weed-fueled. Jams.

Since it’s Friday, the EP is up for FREE on Bandcamp, so give it a download and give their Facebook some lovin’ too.

Witchstone Bandcamp

Witchstone Facebook



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