Biblical get, well Biblical

I am so unmotivated with school now, if it was over like yesterday I’d be happy. But no, another month to go.

So in order to keep a semblance of a smile on my face, I’ve got some rockin’ tunes from Toronto’s own Biblical. Firstly I’m happy because they’re from my province. While I do love the constant deluge of excellent euro bands, it’s nice to finally get some riffs from close to home. Secondly, these boys know how to put together one rippin’ good time of an EP.

This self-titled 4 track debut is another great entry in the hallowed halls of straight laced rock ‘n’ roll. With a dedicated organ thrown into the mix, Biblical pump out a foot stomping, head nodding good time, complete with heaps of fuzz. “Nickel & Dime” tosses you straight into the action, with a charging lead riff and solid backbone of groove. It stomps along and ends with one hell of a fun build and exit jam.

The grooves continue onto “Under Duress”, with the classic riffs jammed together with some tasty solos and bluesy licks. Biblical seem to have set out to check off every box on the “how to fucking shred” worksheet, and do so in spectacular fashion. “Eyes of Lies” is a fast-forwarded romp, flirting with elements of garage and punk but still staying with it’s boots firmly planted in rock territory. With a smile on your face and stomp in your step, you can only grin even larger as some timeless solos make their way into the forefront.

“Oubliette” opens up with muted guitar sweeps, some ambient organ and a much softer vocal style. Your reverie is soon broken by the welcoming sound of a big, fuzzed out riff, that crashes together with the previously smooth jam in order to make something entirely new and entirely welcome. As the longest track on the EP, “Oubliette” significantly cranks up the blues, injecting some more soul into the already delicious riffs. The track closes out with the best solo on the album, in my humble opinion. The shrieking guitar builds together with the organs drone, giving a new warmth to the sound.

Biblical aren’t breaking any new ground with this EP, what they are doing is showing that writing great songs and playing great jams will never, ever go out of style.

The EP is up for FREE on Bandcamp, so seriously. Go download it.

Biblical Facebook

Biblical Bandcamp


3 Responses to “Biblical get, well Biblical”

  1. Also, “Oubliette” is just an awesome word in general. It’s downloading right now.

    • Turns out it’s French for dungeon, or more specifically, “An oubliette is a form of dungeon which was accessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling.”

      So a fancy mans dungeon.

  2. […] sure how this one slipped by us, but rock blog Church Of The Riff has some kind words for our debut […]

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