A Bad Liquor Pond under Blue Smoke and a Orange Sky

Well hello there, would you like some smooth tasty jams to go with the bowl you just sparked, I mean, sandwich you just started? Look no farther, as Bad Liquor Pond have got you covered.

So for once it what seems like weeks, I’m actually writing about a band not from Europe. I’m not saying that Euro bands riff the shit out of their North American counterparts but that’s pretty much what it looks like. Anyway. Bad Liquor Pond are a psychedelic jam band from Baltimore. They’ve got 4 releases up on Bandcamp, a couple full lengths along with a 7″ split. Their newest album, “Blue Smoke Orange Sky” has been soothing out the frazzled ends of my psyche in all the best ways.

Bad Liquor Pond play a very smooth and friendly version of psychedelic jams. Slow, meandering and soothing, “Blue Smoke Orange Sky” is 11 tracks of comfortable relaxation. The slow and peaceful nature of the songs is complemented by their bluesy tone and thoughtful lyricism. Nothing here is harsh or out of place, it’s the smoothest of smooth, the chedderest of cheeses.

Tracks like “New Reality” show a penchant for catchy songwriting along with tasty solos and bluesy licks. A generous helping of garage pop worms itself into the music, adding to the infectiously peaceful vibes. Subtle ambiance helps adds to the spaced out feel, without causing any deviation from the extremely listenable songs. A stronger blues rock flavor shines through on tracks like “Apocalyptic Love Jam”, with groovin’ guitars and a little taste of bongos help flesh out the tasty jams.

“Great Planes” sees the introduction of a sitar and what could possibly be a didgeridoo, although I have no idea really. Either way it serves as the backbone for Bad Liquor Pond to stretch their psychedelic legs. The Indian styling makes a couple other appearance throughout the album, helping to cement the feeling of space and relaxation.

It’s very calming music, quite the opposite of what I usually pump through my ears. Nothing is expected of you, except to lay back and let yourself unwind, releasing your tensions and anxieties. Music is one of the most powerful drugs, capable of producing feelings of both invincible energy and endless relaxation. Bad Liquor Pond is most definitely the latter.

“Blue Smoke Orange Sky” is up on Bandcamp for $5, which is a steal considering how well produced and executed the music is. So go get yourself some good times and good vibes and stop worrying so much.

Bad Liquor Pond Facebook

Bad Liquor Pond Bandcamp


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