Pontiacs Burst Out

Alright! I’m almost feeling like a functional member of society. It’s been absolutely glorious for the past couple days, like summer in March kinda deal. While it’s been nice so far, it just means it’ll be so hot in summer our brains will boil out of our skulls like cheap pudding. But I digress.

Pontiacs hail from Santiago, Chile, which is probably a damn sight hotter than it is here, being below the equator and all. Their third full length, “Bursting”, is “bursting” (see what I did there?) at the seams with a smooth combination of psychedelically flavored garage pop. While this is a pretty large departure from the usually sleazy listening that happens here at the Church, it’s still satisfying in all the right ways.

Their aural ensemble is comprised of organs, synths, harps, drums and guitar, and before you start screaming “HIPSTER” and throwing feces, just hear me out ok. Pontiacs know how to lay down some tasty jams and never let the musical menagerie stray them too far from said tasty jams. The garage pop melodies keep everything light, refreshing and easily digestible, while the psychedelica makes it interesting.

The synths and organ are playfully intertwined with the meandering guitar, helping to cement the innocent vibe the music generates. Their musicality really shines on the faster tracks, with “Can’t Wait” and “Slow Motion” being instantly recognizable and instantly infectious. The entire sound is very muted, without one singular element dominated the landscape. It’s very easy music, that’s meant to sooth as much as it is to be enjoyed. The vibes are of peace, love and indulgence, but wholesome indulgence.

The latter half of the album delves more into the pure psychedelic side, with the synths and organ developing an eerie, almost ethereal quality. Guitar tones become even more scarce, as they rely more on the rest of the instrumental insurgents to keep the jams going. While there is a lot to be enjoyed here, I definitely preferred the opening half of the album, as the excellently meshed guitars and organ were tickling all the right bits.

“Bursting” was released on March 10th of this year and is up for $5 on Bandcamp. A perfect accompaniment to the sunny days ahead, Pontiacs are sure to give your lighter side a tickle.

Pontiacs Facebook

Pontiacs Bandcamp


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