Sunday Sludge: Major Kong

*I’m sick. Don’t expect too much for the next couple days*

So after getting more than six different kinds of crazy last night/day/weekend, I’m six different kinds of feeling like shit today. So don’t expect much in the realms of coherence or long winded reviews.

“Or else what?”

“Or else she’s not dead.”

I for one love using old movie samples for song intro’s, especially in the dank caverns of sludge. They work well to build the overwhelming atmosphere of fear and destruction along with just plain sounding cool. Major Kong have this practice down to a science, with suitable eerie samples gracing the majority of their tracks. In many ways this was a great choice for this Sunday Sludge, as this doom trio from Lublin, Poland play a mellowed out version of the fuzzed out glory we all love.

The pace is slow and scintillating, with meandering melodies designed not to pummel you into submission, merely nudge you in that direction. The songs have equal flairs of both doom and psychedelic, while still retaining the sludgy goodness. In many ways it’s an excellent hybrid of both genres, the psychedelic elements soothing the ever present doom hammer.

With all of the tracks clocking in at around six minutes or more, these are the kinds of jams you can just fade away too. Aiding your spiral into a semi-conscious state, it pulls you deeper into it’s warm, fuzzy folds. It’s these combinations of movie samples, psychedelia and doom that give Major Kong their own little space in the murky swamps of sludge.

“Doom for the Black Sun” was released on March 12th of this year and is available for $6 on Bandcamp. If your looking for something to accompany your hangover recovery or a slip into a drug fueled haze, Major Kong can provide you with both.

Now I’m going back to bed.

Major Kong Bandcamp

Major Kong Facebook


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  1. Thank you, Ben!

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