Free Freaking Friday: Pure Camomile Jam

I hate mornings. Seriously despise these bleary eyed excuses for a time of day. My brain doesn’t boot until well past lunch and you expect work done before 9? Dream on suckers. Thankfully I’ve got some tasty jams to help cut my bountiful bitterness for mornings.

I think I might just start calling this Church of the Euro Riff as Pure Camomile Jam is another in a long line of excellent Euro rockers. Seriously North America, step your shit up. Calling Minsk, Belarus home, this trio brings a healthy combination of rock ‘n’ roll with maximum rawk and just a little punk. From the opening chord on “Rebellion”, you know your in comfortable territory, with big, catchy riffs and a damn infectious groove.

Their first self-titled full length was released in December of last year and is full of all sorts of the kinds of goodness we love. Rock sensibilities, punk aggression, stoner grooves and whiskey swagger all crammed into one slightly sleazy package. Pretty much every track on this ten song LP is worth mentioning thanks to their matching of great songwriting with great riffage. The guitar tone is a bit cleaner than the average stoner offering, but it blends perfectly with the punk aggression and vocal swagger on display. I could see the vocals being a point of contention for some, as they stay firmly in the back streets drawling variety, but it just works well and I couldn’t see it any other way.

Everything is mixed to perfection, with a slight edge given to the guitars and vocals, neither being drowned out by or drowning out the drumming. There aren’t many intricacies or subtleties here, it’s a boot cut, black denim kind of deal. It’s this penchant for songwriting and straight rock that makes this album so appealing, the sounds not about doing anything other than playing rock ‘n’ roll exactly the way they want it to sound. The title track is the standout for me, with a foot tapping build, a taste of cowbell and arguably one of the best grooves on the album.

It being Friday and all, this album is of course free over on Bandcamp. I’ve got the links below and you should go give their Facebook page some lovin’ as it’s in the single digits. Jams away!

Pure Camomile Jam Facebook

Pure Camomile Jam Bandcamp


2 Responses to “Free Freaking Friday: Pure Camomile Jam”

  1. Ok, you’ve sold me.

    And with that, they’ve been bumped firmly into the 2-digit territory.

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