METAL MONDAY: Bloodshot Dawn

Annnnd back to the grind with a tasty little melodeath accompaniment.

Bloodshot Dawn hail from Portsmouth/Hampshire, UK and play a thrash influenced breed of melodic death metal. So basically a whole bunch of tasty. Their first self-titled full length release is crammed to the cheeks with shredtastic solo’s, memorable melodies and some floor stomping grooves all wrapped up in one slick package. While the world is currently balls deep in melodeath bands trying to make it big, Bloodshot Dawn show the difference between trying to be good and ending up derivative and keeping things fresh without leaving the genre.

Treading the line between pulverizing blast beats with shrieking guitars and headbanging gold thrash sections, Bloodshot Dawn cram everything worth caring about into their release. Delightfully technical soloing? Check. Groove-tastic riffs? Check. Magma scorched vocals? Check. Add in a knack for writing infectiously catchy songs and almost classical melodies and your already dangerously close to my top ten of 2012, and it’s only March.

Every song on this album has at least one section that will but a smile on your face, either in the form of a crushing riff bomb, annihilating groove or demonic shred section, Bloodshot Dawn morph together all their influences seamlessly. While they may not be breaking any new ground or pushing the genre into unexpected territory, they still put together a stellar example of what good melodeath should sound like.

The album is up for 5 pounds ($7.80) on Bandcamp and they’re currently on tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse in the UK. Looking for a solid meal of meat and ‘taters metal? Look no further.

Bloodshot Dawn Facebook

Bloodshot Dawn Bandcamp



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