Saturday Songs to Surf to: The Reigning Monarchs

Second Saturday in a row I don’t have anything to do, it’s a wonderful feeling. In light of my slightly happier mood I’ve got The Reigning Monarchs to pleasure your ear holes.

I listen to a lot of different music. Most of it is metal in one way, shape or form but I also have an extremely large soft spot for ska and even a touch of rockabilly. If the title didn’t give you a clue, The Reigning Monarchs play a retro-surf styled brand of instrumental ska. It’s smooth and refined, even a bit preppy. The guitar tones bring to mind ’60’s boy bands and cashmere cardigans. Now while most of you are probably wondering what kind of crack I’ve been smoking in order to post this, all I have to say is this, Lots.

Crack jokes aside, their self titled full length is full to brim of relaxed vibes and summer time ambiance. The strong horn section jams well with the minimal riffs and the small touches of organ tie everything together. Just as well suited to drinking in your backyard as lounging on the beach, they manage to craft their sound without coming off in either a super pop or super pretentious direction.

The songs are short and cheerful, with the brass and guitar tones provide ample warmth. They even find some time for a couple solo’s and the odd lick here and there. It’s well produced and executed to an almost mirror finish. If this blog is a box full of pennies, The Reigning Monarchs are one that just came out of the press and makes all the corroded and blackened spare change want to extract some revenge.

The album is up for a name your price option on Bandcamp, along with another split they did with Laramie Dean. Waaaapow!

The Reigning Monarchs Facebook

The Reigning Monarchs Bandcamp


One Response to “Saturday Songs to Surf to: The Reigning Monarchs”

  1. Love this band! Greg, the guitarman/co-founder of this band, also happens to be a verry funny stand-up comedian and is co-host of the excellent podcast “Walking the Room”.

    I’d have to say “Lambretta” is one of my favorite songs on this album if I were to pick a favorite. Which I did.

    Anyways, great write up. I’ll point em to this so they know they’re getting some love.

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