Free Freaking Friday: Cult of Occult

I am in a black as shit mood right now. Today was chock full of all kinds of bullshit, rain, hail, and more bullshit. It’s the kind of mood where you just want to smash something until either your hands are broken and unrecognizable or the something has turned to dust. So instead of doing something silly I’ll just listen to the Cult of Occult self titled EP and headbang as violently as possible.

I’m not sure where Cult of Occult hail from, as it doesn’t say anywhere on their Facebook/website, or I’m just blind. Either way Cult of Occult bring the hammer down with a crushing aural assault made up of equal parts sludge, doom and pure evil. With the distortion and fuzz cranked to 11 the riffs produce more of a blunt force trauma than anything. The tones are so heavy they’re almost tangible. Add in the absolutely putrid vocal work that brings to mind a cat being run through a bandsaw while drinking napalm, and you’ve basically got physical violence in sound form.

The sheer ferocity of the sound almost has a knife edged hardcore feel at points, at others it sounds like the marching band for the hordes of the dead and their campaign to slaughter us all. Apart from providing the slams, Cult of Occult have mastered the recipe of “brutal fucking riffs with bluesy licks in the background” and exploit that recipe as much as possible. Tracks like “I hate you” play more to the oozing sludge side of the spectrum while the counterpart of “Walking in the Desert” picks up the pace, then slams it repeatedly into the dirt, splashing blood and brains like a garden sprinkler.

It’s this combination of absolute destruction and sludge mentality that makes this EP such a potent little collection. While many a sludge band bring the pain with hammering riffs, not many do it with such violence and such enthusiasm as Cult of Occult do. I feel like there’s a lot more passion crammed into these 4 tracks than your average sludge bands get into a full length.

So if your in the mood for some filthy, vile and utterly violent grooves, you really can’t go wrong with this EP. It was released in November of last year and is available for free on Bandcamp or as a CD/digipack through their label, Throne Records.

Cult of Occult Facebook

Cult of Occult Bandcamp



2 Responses to “Free Freaking Friday: Cult of Occult”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is one Hell of a blog my friend… I happened to know the band and their amazing sound, but you have a way to put it into words that reflects the true grit of their vision.

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