Sticky Boys On The Art Of Headbanging

I don’t even know where to start with the amount of awesome crammed into that album cover. Seriously, it’s got everything. Zebra skin pants, mullets, beards, explosions, helicopters and a dude lighting a cigarette with some motherfucking dynamite. Really, what the hell else do you want from an album cover? Nothing, that’s what.

Sticky Boys are a group of filthy rockers from Paris, France. While Paris doesn’t exactly bring to mind greasy heshers straight from FUBAR, that’s exactly what your getting with Sticky Boys. Currently they only have one track up on Bandcamp, “Bang That Head”, as a teaser for their upcoming album “This is Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

“Bang That Head” takes all the greasy swagger of the album cover and crams it into a 2:59 power ballad. Cheeseburger classic riffs, period perfect vocals and a damn infectious chorus, you will bang your head. I dare you not too. Harking back to the glory days of FUCK YEAH kinda rock ‘n’ roll, Sticky Boys look to deliver a a filthy, beer stained shitkicker of an album in this age of beardos and hipsters.

“This is Rock ‘n’ Roll” will be released on April 16th and you can damn well expect a review as soon as I can get my grubby paws on it. Now BANG THAT HEAD.

Sticky Boys Facebook

Sticky Boys Bandcamp


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