Gandhi’s Gunn Blast Us Back On Track

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some good old fashioned, whiskey drenched stoner tunes, but Gandhi’s Gunn is here to fix all that.

Yet another Euro band that have found the perfect blend of drugs, alcohol and riffs, Gandhi’s Gunn hail from Genova, Italy. They’ve got one full length release out now on Bandcamp, “Thirtyeahs”. While I have no idea what the album titled means, one things for sure, Gandhi’s Gunn pump out some damn fine riffs. Listing their influences as Orange Goblin, Fu Manchu and Corrosion of Conformity, you can get a general idea of their sound just from those three names.

The songs are just as meaty as the riffs, enough to give you a good pummeling but not so much as to snap your cervix. Deep grooves mesh perfectly with solid vocals that have the perfect amount of whiskey roar and weed smoke scratch. The songs stay around the middle of the tempo range, at the perfect speed to coordinate your head banging and foot stomping. Add in a good helping of southern fried swagger to the already tasty combo makes it a meal that much satisfying.

While the first half of the album stays within the well trod path of tasty grooves and simple structures, the last four tracks take a slightly different turn. Meandering jams start to flirt with the southern swagger and turn things firmly away from the whiskey bottle and straight towards a well packed bong. Prime examples like “A Night So Long” and “Club Silencio” offer up an excellent combination of both hard rock sensibilities and some bluesy grooves.

“Thirtyeahs” is up for 5 euro on Bandcamp (Read: $7) and they currently have a second album in the works, look for more on that when it drops later this year.

Gandhi’s Gunn Facebook

Gandhi’s Gunn Bandcamp





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