Riff Snack: Lord Stereo

I just had a snack, a meatball sub snack to be precise. Since my bellies full, it’s time for a little ear snack in the form of Warsaw’s Lord Stereo.

The amount of excellent Euro riffers out there is quite awesome and Lord Stereo is no exception. Self described as “HEAVY VINTAGE ROCK”, I agree with the last two but they’re not very heavy (at least to my ears, but metal has made me biased). Lord Stereo’s self titled release is full of catchy riffs, well written songs and a solid vintage vibe throughout the whole record. The combination of Kondi on the “Organic Simulator” and the classic vocals from Devil X help define and cement their sound.

The songs are quick and cheerful, putting a tap in your foot and smile on your face more than a bang in your head. The aforementioned “Organic Simulator” (Read: Organ) adds a solid psychedelic flavor to the already tasty mix. Don’t expect this album to blaze any new ground or break any molds. What it does is bring yet another solid offering of stoner rock to the table. What it lacks in outright originality or mind-blowing-ness it makes up for with solid songwriting, production and execution.

“Lord Stereo” was released in October of 2011 and is available on Bandcamp for $6. Links in 3…2…1

Lord Stereo Facebook

Lord Stereo Bandcamp


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