Brutal Jooks make you a Believer

Time to get back into the regular swing of bringing you some damn tasty riffs by the way of the interhole.

Brutal Jooks are a band from Los Angeles and that’s really about all I can tell you about the band. Seriously, even with three-quarter assed googling I haven’t been able to find shit about these guys beyond their Bandcamp. I did manage to find a cartoon of a man with a penis for a nose, which made me chuckle, so all is not lost.

So yeah, music right? Brutal Jukes debut album “Believer” can be pretty summed up as southern garage rock, with some blues and maybe some folk possibly some punk, but that’s all. Kinda. The entire production and finish screams DIY garage rock, while the riffs conjure images similar to the album cover, barren desert and endless sand. Then you start to feel some pop melodies and even a bit of punk styled progression, but as mixed up as it sounds, it all really works out quite well.

The songs are short little bursts, with ample use of slide guitar, little organ and just a pinch of harmonica for good measure. Almost as if you transplanted a UK band from the golden era of garage punk into a suburb in Nevada and waited to see what would saunter out. Everything is upbeat and suitably catchy while still retaining just a touch of southern swagger. It’s the musical coyote, cut down and simple but not sure if it should be a full out southern wolf or comfortable farm dog.

All in all it’s an extremely pleasing hybrid of garage, pop and southern flavors which results in a burrito complex. It may not look tasty all slopped out on the tortilla, but once you’ve got that thing wrapped up and past the lips, it’s all downhill.

“Believer” was released on the 25th of last month and is available on Bandcamp for all of $5. So stop reading already and go get yourself a musical burrito.

Brutal Jooks Facebook

Brutal Jooks Bandcamp


2 Responses to “Brutal Jooks make you a Believer”

  1. Hey Ben–holy cow, this review is awesome–wow, many thanks!
    We’re just getting started with this whole shebang, but here’s the new FB page:
    Best Regards, Jooks

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