Riff Snack: STALLONE

Here’s a tasty little three track tidbit for y’all.

Stallone is a four piece instrumental metal band, including one of the previous members of sludge giant Torche (Juan Montoya). They released their 3 track EP on the first of February and as of right now seem to just be a small project, without a large net or print presence.

“Wondrous Beast” opens up with a steady pounding of drums and distorted fury, with the eerie resonance of a second guitar in the background. This trickles down into a interlude, highlighted by the faint tapping of what’s possibly a xylophone and muted howls of a guitar being put through it’s paces. The screams of the guitar is slowly drawn away as the entire ensemble of instruments collide together and fill your ears with a solid wall of sound. A rhythm finally emerges from the chaos and guides your head back into familiar banging territory, ending in a similar manner to the start.

“The Battle of Miami” keeps the pacing of the first track, with a chunky riff in the forefront, combined with a muted groan of the second guitar. This track has a large scale sound, as if your a small speck standing in the middle of a vast, black hole of sound. The track follows a series of hills and valleys, as the sound changes from relatively subdued sludge to a more grandiose, almost post metal feel.

The final track on the EP, “La Cobra”, opens with a flamenco flavored acoustic shred and then dives right into a charging riff and frantic drums. Another interlude follows soon after, with the singular guitar tone chased by a faint echo. The music begins to churn and toil beneath the surface, blast of sounds breaking the otherwise gentle melody. The blasts continue to build with strength and ferocity and finally tear free of their ambient prison. Finishing the track off with a solid rush of stoner goodness.

Stallone is up on Bandcamp for a name your price option. I highly suggest you pick this up and give it a listen, as it’s one of the freshest breaths of air in the otherwise weed smoked hallway of stoner/sludge.

Stallone Bandcamp

And the video for “La Cobra”;


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