MEGACHURCH Will Save Your Soul

Studying? Sleeping? Who does that? Like really.

Today I’ve got Cleavland, Ohio’s Megachurch and their earth shaking blend of televangelism and meaty fucking riffs. Now don’t let the televangelism make you go running to the hills. This 3 piece stoner instrumental group replace the tradition of a lead singer with a collection of televangelist and other related samplings. The end result is equal parts refreshing and awesome.

I was a little skeptical when I read the musical description on Bandcamp, but as I heard the opening sample of “At 2:19am I heard my brother begin to stir in his coffin!” followed by a swarm of frantic bass and crashing drums, it did feel like the Thirteenth Resurrection was coming. The fury and venom that coat the words of each televangelist work in perfect tandem with the fury and venom that Megachurch pumps through the speakers.

Borrowing elements from sludge, stoner, metal and progressive and combining everything with a potent mix of fuzz, distortion and even a teensy bit of syncopation, Megachurch do more than match the religious fervor of their disembodied vocalists. At points the frenzied insanity of the screaming hordes of religious nutjobs build together with relentless musicianship of Megachurch and culminates into a crushing cacophony of sound.

It’s this combination of organ grinding weight, neck snapping grooves and earth scorching sampling that cements Megachurch into their own niche among the countless stoner genre varieties. They currently have 3 albums, 2 full length and 1 remix album. For the remix they took their entire first album and recreated it using NES generated sounds, not my thing but it’s still pretty damn cool.

All 3 three releases are up on Bandcamp for pittances, meaning you really have no excuses for picking one up. As Leonard Ravenhill said, “There’s nothing this generation needs more than a baptism and good old fashioned hellfire preaching”, Megachurch bring you a baptism with good old fashioned hellfire rock ‘n’ fucking roll.

Megachurch Bandcamp

Megachurch Facebook


2 Responses to “MEGACHURCH Will Save Your Soul”

  1. Love these guys. And they don’t have any guitarists, just two bassists and a drummer.

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