Stonerider bring you Fountains Left To Wake

Welp, one midterm down, 4 more to go just gotta keep on chooglin’. In the meantime I’ve got some fresh new jams from Atlanta’s Stonerider, previously mentioned here.

“Fountains Left To Wake” is this rock ‘n’ roll trio’s second full length release, after 2008’s “Three Legs of Trouble”. “Three Legs of Trouble” was a solid collection of rowdy, foot stomping rock ‘n’ roll anthems that packed a whole lot of punch. “Fountains Left To Wake” sees a substantial but not unwelcome change of style and pacing. Decidedly a mellower album, everything from the guitar tones to the vocals sound much more organic and have a heavy vintage vibe.

While the beer drinking swagger of their first release is not gone, it has matured. It’s a two fingers of whiskey kind of vibe this time around. A certain amount of blues and even some boogie, has weaved it’s way into the record. Heavy tastes of cowbell, piano and the sweet taste of harmonica are just a few of the new vibes that shine through over the sixteen tracks. The addition of female backing vocals in the form of Ruby Velle are another welcome addition and help to define this new sound.

The entire album plays out at a much more relaxed place. Meandering jams and excellent solo’s take the spotlight this time around, showcasing a much larger musical diversity. I feel like there’s a lot more soul packed into this release and along with numerous other nuances make this a record worth spinning again and again. Tracks like “Red Moon” and “Hot Summer Nights” bring a tasty bluegrass flavor into the mix, with minimum riffs, simple drums and some delicious solo’s.

Even with the stylistic changes, this is still a swaggerin’ rock album at it’s core. You can pretty much keep your foot ‘a’ tapping throughout the entire release, between solid head nodding riffage and bluesy licks to keep everything interesting. You can even find slight hits of psycadellic ambience on “El Dorado” and the closing track, “The Sleeper”. “Fountains Left To Wake” sees Stonerider taking a big step forward and not loosing anything along the way.

You can pick up the album several ways. There’s regular quality and audiophile quality downloads from Bandcamp, as well as a CD/Vinyl/T-shirt available for order. If you really dig the tunes I highly suggest picking up a vinyl because that’s what this music was made for, the warm, fuzzy embrace of metal needles and vinyl discs.

Stonerider Facebook

Stonerider Bandcamp


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