Samsara Blues Experiment: Revelations & Mystery

Revelation & Mystery is the second album from this Berlin based band. I talked about their first album, “Long Distance Trip”, on Monday. There was more than enough musical diversity spread over these two albums to warrant two posts, so that’s what you get.

While “Long Distance trip” is firmly entrenched in the psychedelica and prog side of the spectrum, “Revelation & Mystery” sees a shift towards the groove laden stoner side of things. Almost a reverse engineering of things, the acid trip ambient stylings from their previous album have been traded in for a fatter guitar tone, loads more fuzz and a more straight out rock ‘n’ roll approach, while still keeping the staggering musicianship and soulful songwriting.

They still retain their distinctive psychedelic flavor, shown on the track “Thirsty Moon”, but everything is warmer, louder and fuzzy-er. As soon as the LSD trip is just ebbing away, the sweet tones of a marijuana haze envelope and distort their sound. Everything sounds bigger and meatier, the endless ambiance is trimmed away in order to fit in some truly ass kicking riffs. Everything is a touch more aggressive, as if you had jumped through the rabbit hole and it turned out to not be such a nice place after all. The smooth safety of your trip is gone, with a tribe of feral heshers lead by succulent solos charge in it’s wake.

Gone are the 10+ minute epics that made up the bulk of the last album. Where “Long Distance Trip” had epic and beautiful moments, “Revelation &¬† Mystery” is the hard drinking and hard smoking wayward cousin that left home and never returned calls. Keeping the best of their previous prog elements, the Sitar makes an excellent return on the track “Zwei Schatten Im Schatten” (Two Shadows in the Shadow). I highly recommend you give this a listen through with good headphones, to really get the most out of it.

“Revelation & Mystery” is my personal favorite out of the two, as some of the epic-length ambiance from the first album was a bit too much for my taste. This album on the other hand, hits all the right buttons in all the right ways and leaves me wondering where I could possibly find fault.

Released in October of last year, it’s up for 8 euro’s on Bandcamp. While I highly recommend both albums, if your going to pick just one up, it should be this one. Now go get some!

Samsara Blues Experiment Facebook

“Revelation & Mystery” Bandcamp


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