METAL MONDAY: Beneath the Massacre on Melting Faces

Alright I’m just gonna out and out say it. If you like what I usually post on this blog, there’s a good chance your gonna hate this, but I really love tech-death so your getting exposed to it anyway.

Beneath the Massacre keep up the long standing tradition of kick ass bands that come from Montreal. “Incongruous” is their third full length release to date and they’re currently signed with Prosthetic Records.

If you could imagine for a second, having a stream of chainsaws and razor blades being thrown at your face as a man with a sledgehammer beats a staccato rhythm against your skull, to the vocal accompianment of what sounds like a man gargling napalm and dining on fetid corpses. That should give you a rough mental picture of the kind of absolutely destructive force these guys produce.

Bone shattering blast beats provide the backbone for a mouth watering combination of 8-string finger tapping and neck snapping breakdowns. If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to have your head melted from the inside out, listen to this album. The pace is relentless, only letting up so an equally violent breakdown can come along and try and force your nose to the back of your skull by way of the table. Don’t let the breakdowns scare you though, this is tech-death at it’s heart, the small tastes of deathcore go a long way in keeping things fresh.

So if the above hasn’t sent you running in terror and you’ve got a craving for some ground splitting technical brutality, you can pick up “Incongruous” on iTunes and at all the major outlets. I’ve got the usual links and the video for “It”. Skull-fuckery away!

Beneath the Massacre Facebook


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