Sunday Sludge: Vagitarians

Well the vacations over and the warm fuzz has turned into a cold lump of stone in the form of consecutive midterms, time for some skull smashing sludge to pound yourself into oblivion with.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Vagitarian is a person “who’s diet consists of Hair Pie, Bearded Clams and Pink/Fish Tacos” or in more general terms, so one who really, really likes to eat vagina. Vagitarians is also a five peice hammer of a sludge band from Warsaw, Poland.

A knife edged medley of encrusted hardcore and blackened sludge, Vagitarians wield distortion like the mighty hammer of Thor and will waste no time in using it to make your skull a pulpy mass of bone and brains. Riffs that crawl like the undead all backed by suitably diseased moans and gutteral growls. These vagina eaters take many of the great southern doom elements to weave into their satanic worship. The track “Ruthless/Bezlitosne Mieso” starts of with some classic southern fried riffs that eventually bubble and boil into something black, crusty and entirely evil.

The songs are as long as they are crushing, dragging you kicking and screaming towards your doom, your nails scrabbling ineffectually at the black dirt. Even with the demonic length, Vagitarians do a excellent job at keeping things interesting and brutal. Off kilter time changes, headbanging, fuzz fueled riff sections and putrid solos will keep your ears in a constants state of skull-fuckery,

Vagitarians currently have three releases under their belt, the “Skibidibi EP”, a vinyl split, and the album I’ve been listening to, “Wood”. It’s up on Bandcamp for $5, which is a steal considering the quality evil these guys are pumping out.

Vagitarians Facebook

Vagitarians Bandcamp


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