Samsara Blues Experiment take you on a Long Distance Trip

*This will be a two part feature on Samsara Blues Experiment’s two full length albums. One post just isn’t enough.*

In the spirit of procrastination I started hounding around for some new music to distract me. Then I found Samsara Blues Experiment and lost track of pretty much everything.

Literally translated, Samsara means “continuous flow” and is the “is the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation within Hinduism, Buddhism and other Indian religions” (Wikipedia). Samsara Blues Experiment are a 5 piece band from Berlin. They stay true to their name by crafting psychedelica fueled prog epics that gently meander and weave together into one giant musical tapestry.

They have two full length releases up on Bandcamp, “Long Distance Trip” and “Revelation & Mystery”. I’m going to be talking about each release separately, since they cover two different flavors of stoner ear candy. Released in May of 2010, “Long Distance Trip” is a progressively psychedelically epic of hour long what-the-hell-just-happened sessions. Gentle hooks, swirling solos and ambient samples draw you deeper and deeper into a mysterious world. Entire landscapes unfold before you as your carried along in a chariot of riffs.

With three tracks over 10 minutes and one clocking it at 22 minutes, this is the kind of album you get absolutely lost in. High or sober, it’s something that should be listened to end to end, with no sanity breaks in between. The trickling sounds of running water and the foreign twang of a sitar are among a few of the tools that SBE use to aid your slip into an unconscious state of zen. The equivalent of a massage for your mind, nothing is jarring or out of place. Everything is smooth, the fuzz and distortion kept at mellow levels so as to not disrupt the continuous flow.

If your looking to loose yourself for an extended period of time, “Long Distance Trip” is right near the top of my recommendations. Available for 8 euros on Bandcamp, it’s only one click away to jump through the rabbit hole.

Samsara Blues Experiment Facebook

“Long Distance Trip” Bandcamp


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