Daves, Daves Everywhere!

Fuck studying, it’s time to go out drinking. In honor of blowing of work to get shitfaced here’s some punk rock made by a bunch of Dave’s which basically sums up my state of mind right now.

“Dawn of the Daves” the upcoming EP from these Tampa based hooligans. Comprised of Dave, Dave, Dave, Davey and Joe Dave, Too Many Daves have three rules everyone should live by.

1) Keep it short, stupid.

2) There’s no crying in Daves unless your pants are hanging around your ass and your name is Decker.

3) Don’t say no, say “maybe later”.

While number 2 may not be applicable to everyone (unless you have a friend named Decker), the first and third are words of truth folks. So if you haven’t guessed already the Daves play fast, filthy and beer soaked punk rock. Bar sized mosh pits kinda punk rock, wake up the next morning with your hand glued to your face by old beer kinda punk rock. Clocking in at around 20 minutes, you’ll be left spinning in circles as you wonder how your previously organized house turned into a dumpster dive, why a beer suddenly appeared in your hand and why you suddenly no longer really give a shit.

The EP is up for $5 on Bandcamp, so go give yourself a beer bottle to the face and start your Saturday night off right.

Too Many Daves Facebook

Too Many Daves Bandcamp



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