Free Freaking Friday: Whiskey Chief Bring The Funk

I love procrastinating, it’s probably my favorite hobby of all time. Why would I bother reading about torsional strain in thin walled tubing when I could instead be bringing you some funky jams by Vancouver’s Whiskey Chief?

I have a very large soft spot for the glory days of prog rock. Meandering songs jam packed with a menagerie of instruments all covered in a bucketful of musicianship. Now take that previous formula and drop some funk chunks in, then add a little swirl of garage punk-esque riffage and you’ve got Whiskey Chief in a glass. Featuring trombone, trumpet, keyboards and guitars, Whiskey Chief keeps things upbeat and “warm” as the brass section plays a prominent role in crafting their sound.

The guitars dance around the fuzz from the brass, while the keyboards keep a smooth layer of funk running under all the ordered chaos. It’s not serious or pretentious, instead of being a musical river it’s more like a babbling brook filled with playful otters, who cheerfully try to flip your boat with a wink in their eye. These are the kinda jams that can get even the tightest ass on to the dance floor and doing ridiculous things, probably some of the most musical fun you can have with your clothes on (or off for that matter).

This seven track album plays out like a long night out at the bar/club/back alley. The first two songs are your first wind, a blast of alcohol fueled funk that keeps you on your feet. The interlude of “Half Buzz” is when you realize you drank and danced a whole lot, really fast, and should probably slow down before you projectile vomit over the band. Your second wind comes in the form of “Bonfire” which picks you up right back to where you started, the funk melodies careening around your head. The last three tracks slowly wind you down into a musical stupor, content to stare at the wall and nod your head with a blank smile on your face.

So if a whiskey fueled fusion of funk, prog, jazz and fun times sounds like something your interested in (and you should be), you can pick up their 7 track album for the all time low cost of FREE. So stop being a tightwad and smile already.

Whiskey Chief Facebook

Whiskey Chief Bandcamp


One Response to “Free Freaking Friday: Whiskey Chief Bring The Funk”

  1. Gotta love the FUNK!

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